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Mikala Telecom & Network Solutions offers multi-branch organizations a one-point-of-contact solution for all networking and telephone system needs. Its manufacturing partnerships guarantee certified, expert on-site service and support for a wide range of products from simple wireless routers to fibre optic networks and high-security portals.

Our Specialty Is Building FAST, Secure, Reliable Computer & Voice Networks Between Multiple Locations


Mikala Telecom & Network Solutions is your industry “insider” that can represent your best interests in all matters relating to the acquisition & installation of both simple & complex networking and telecom solutions.

Threat Assessments

Our technical experts will help you map out your entire network to expose all risks associated with on-line intruders as well as unauthorized access in the office, from home or via mobile devices. We can provide a detailed security analysis with a complete solution for managing all types of network-based risks including recommendations to enhance your best-practices policies and procedures.

Requirements & Specifications

Our technical experts can help you develop technical specifications in preparation for acquiring new or replacement hardware. We can also help demystify technical specifications provided by partners and firms that control how you interact with their networks on line such as offsite data storage services, banks, manufacturers and payroll agencies.


Our technical experts can help you develop short term and long term technology strategies and associated budgets to accommodate growth in terms of location expansions, in-house staffing and mobile users (technicians, installers, salespeople).

Proposal Development

Our technical experts can assist you in developing Request For Proposals (RFP) and tendering documents specific to technology-based solutions.

Vendor Evaluation

Our technical experts can assist you in evaluating and verifying the credibility and qualifications of technology solutions providers.

24 x 7 Emergency Service & Repair

Hardware Sales & Service

Switches & Routers

Firewalls, Email & Virus Protection

Video & IP Phones

Storage Networking

Optical Networking

Cable Installation & Upgrades

Mikala Telecom & Network Solutions provides cable system design, installation and project management services for data and voice networks including optical fibre, copper and wireless solutions.

Inspections, Maintenance & Repairs

Our Cisco certified technicians can provide everything from site surveys and needs assessments to complex installations across multiple spectrums involving optical fibre, copper and wireless connections.All our projects ensure that networks are properly documented including start and end points, labeling schemes, routing plans, detailed test reports and a prescribed maintenance and service program.

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