All Wi-Fi Network & Devices are Vulnerable

Details of a hazardous vulnerability of the WPA2 authentication protocol known as “KRACK” have officially been released. The security protocol intended to protect us from the dangers of the web can now, potentially, be breached. This leaves our devices open to eavesdropping and/or attacks. At risk devices include, but are not limited to: routers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and… fridges? Basically, any Wi-Fi devices apart of the internet of things is now at risk.

How do I protect myself?
Please check all your Wi-Fi devices for updates.
Visit websites that you trust.
Visit websites that start with HTTPS.
Use a VPN to encrypt your traffic.

Is my device safe?
Short answer… No
Long answer… No
No device (especially Wi-Fi based) can ever be truly “safe” we can mitigate the risks by ensuring our devices are up to date.
If you are unsure please contact your vendor or visit their website to find out if your device has an available patch.

If you have any concerns or need help please contact us:
905 839 2425